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The Story of A Tie That Binds

StoryPlayButtonThe special bond a mother and her son(s) share can be strengthened or weakened with the diagnosis of cancer. Shocked, scared, hurt, and angry; with no idea what to say, or not say all I knew was I wanted/needed to be near my mom. As the oldest of three sons, I believed I had to keep it together. It was up to me to be strong for mom, dad, and especially my two younger brothers. Those moments of pain, hopelessness, and desperation are etched in my heart and soul. Now more than twenty years later, it is easier to look back and understand what our family was going through and needed at the time. It is because of those experiences and unique perspective we have decided to bring support, encouragement, and hope to men (sons, dads, brothers, husbands) whose loved ones have been touched by breast cancer.

ed-mitch-and-mom267Our hope has been to honor our mom, Patsy Miles, (a breast cancer survivor of over 24 years) and countless other women who have experienced breast cancer by calling attention to the needs of the men who stand beside them while battling breast cancer. Another goal is to raise awareness that the men who love, support, and care for their loved ones facing breast cancer are in need of support and resources themselves. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is why we selected October 20th as National Pink Tie Day. A Tie That Binds ask men to wear a pink bow tie or necktie annually on October 20, as a visible reminder of the needs men have when a woman in his life are touched by breast cancer.

Will you help? Will you wear a pink tie on October 20th?

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