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About The “A Tie That Binds” Movement

In his book, Tribes, Seth Godin discusses what it takes to create a movement and/or tribe. He outlines two elements that need to be in place in order to create engagement among a group of people: the first is a shared interest, and the second is a way to communicate and make connections related to the shared interest.

About Pink Tie DayA Tie That Binds is a movement providing men with educational resources, support, and early detection initiatives related to the care of the significant women in their lives. A Tie That Binds focuses its attention on two central themes related to men and breast cancer. The first is to call attention to and create awareness that men are affected by breast cancer in different ways than women. Therefore, they need different tools, support, and resources related to breast cancer. The second theme is to empower men to be more engaged with breast cancer initiatives.

A Tie The Binds and National Pink Tie Day were founded to honor women who have either lost their battle to breast cancer, are breast cancer survivors, and/or currently battling breast cancer. A Tie That Binds asks men to wear a pink tie on October 20th, National Pink Tie Day in honor of a woman in their life who has been touched by breast cancer.

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